Historical Trend Analysis (HTA)

Trend Analysis is a statistical technique that tries to determine future movements of a given variable by analysing historical trends. In other words, it is a method that aims to predict future behaviours by examining past ones.

TradeTrend can now offer all of its users access to our on-demand historical trend analysis tool.

How it works?

TradeTrend’s primary function is to discover trends. For a trend to appear, a period of time is measured and a percentage price movement of a currency is also measured.

For example. A trend in Gold could be a 1% price movement upwards, over a 45 minute period.

HTA (Historical Trend Analysis) gives the TradeTrend user the ability to historically analyse the last 500 of exactly the same trend movement within a currency.

For example, and using the previous trend. A trend in Gold could be a 1% price movement upwards, over a 45 minute period. Our HTA tool would then analyse the last 500 trends that match its exact specifications.

HTA would then give the user averaged data, as well as a potential percentage opportunity that the trend could continue (or not continue).

An example of the data result HTA would give you:

“Gold HTA complete. HTA data shows a 76% opportunity to continue the Gold trend of 1% upwards for the next 45 minutes” [timestamp]

How do I use it?

HTA options will be shown when you receive a currency notification. If you haven’t set any currency notifications, you won’t receive any HTA options.

The first time you use HTA you may be directed to complete an online payment for these services. As HTA is an on demand service, you will only pay when you choose to use it.

How much does it cost?

HTA is an on-demand service, however you will need to purchase a small credit pack to use the service. Most of the costs associated with HTA are our server costs in processing your request. Current pricing for HTA services are as follows.

  1. $10 = 2 credits
  2. $30 = 7 credits
  3. $50 = 12 credits

We’re using leading technology to analyse this huge amount of historical data, and provide this service in an on-demand environment to all users of TradeTrend. HTA is not an advisory tool, but allows users to analyse historical data that would be otherwise unavailable or accessible in a short amount of time.

If you are using HTA to inform your trading decisions, please do so at your own risk. And when trading, never risk more than you can lose.

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