Trade Trend, the best way to receive market movement notifications just got even better - with TrendAI the worlds first on-demand machine learning. Launching March 2020.

What is it?

TrendAI is an optional feature to our notifications messenger bot. If you receive a notification that matches your percentage movement against your chosen currency - you’ll also be asked if you’d like to analyse this trend movement with TrendAI.

By analysing a trend with our AI, you’ll get access to over 1 million data entry points (and growing!). Our AI looks through every single one of them and finds correlating historical trend movements that match the notification settings you’ve used with your chosen currently. TrendAI then gives you the historical overall percentage opportunity that the trend will continue.

For example

You are monitoring Bitcoin through TradeTrend, and have setup a notification whenever Bitcoin moves 1% within a 30 minute period. You receive a notification that this matching movement has occurred (BTC moved 1% within the last 30 minutes) and you then choose to analyse this movement with TrendAI to see if the trend would continue, based on historical data.

TrendAI analyses all available historical data for this currency and then gives you a percentage opportunity notification ie - “Historically, BTC has continued this trend 78% of the time within the next 30 minutes. The average continued trend movement for all historical data is 1.32%”

We’re using leading technology to analyse this huge amount of historical data, and provide this service in an on-demand environment to all users of TradeTrend. TrendAI is not an advisory tool, but allows users to analyse historical data that would be otherwise unavailable or accessible in a short amount of time.

If you are using TrendAI to inform your trading decisions, please do so at your own risk. And when trading, never risk more than you can lose.

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